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8 oz. Horseradish Pepper Jelly

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

8 oz. Horseradish Pepper Jelly

Price: $8.00
A natural for red meat of any kind. It's easy to gourmet up any sandwich with this deli secret. Packed full of the wholesome root, even folks who don't like horseradish will like it. It's almost like a relish or chutney. Our Horseradish, along with all of our jellies, will do a number with the gaminess of venison, duck and goose. Serve it on the side also and enjoy...
Note: Minimum order of 2 jars is required.
12 or more jars, we pay shipping.
18 or more = $.50 OFF EACH JAR PLUS free shipping
Gift Boxes are also available.

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