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8 oz. Hot Cherry Pepper Jelly

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

8 oz. Hot Cherry Pepper Jelly

Price: $8.00
This is the jalapeno hot version of our Cherry Pepper Jelly. Distinctive hot cherry flavor makes this product perfect for the barbecue, stove-top, or oven. Some of our customers tell us this is the perfect glaze for smoking fish or making jerky. When smoking any kind of meat with our products, the trick is applying the jelly at the right time. Each person smokes meat differently (different amount of time, different temperature, etc.). What you want to shoot for is to have the meat done at the same time the jelly no longer sticks to your fingers when you pick it up. Apply too late, the jelly is still jelly. Apply too early and the jelly is charcoal. You can also regulate degree of stickiness by applying jelly thicker or thinner. You get this right and you will have an unbelievable flavor on your smoked meats.

Note: 2 jar minimum order.
12 or more jars and we pay for shipping.
18 or more = $.50 OFF EACH JAR PLUS free shipping.
Gift boxes are also available.

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